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The Example of Good Practise

Beneficial Effects of an Investigation

What is the background of the EFE concept?

The vicious cycle of discrimination – statistic findings

Why is it advantageous not to discriminate?

The project proceeds from experience with cases of ethnic and race motivated discrimination on the labour market. Workers and job applicants who are different from major society “at first sight” are often treated in a way that reflects deep rooted stereotypes in our society, which forbid objective assessment of person´s individual abilities and skills.

Rules for Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand Awarding and Use

Conditions on which the Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand is granted
  • The candidate can be an individual or a corporation that employes other persons according to the Labour Code. A branch of the employer can be the candidate as well (e.g.

The Procedure of Awarding the Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand

The promotion of the concept of the Ethnic Friendly Employer brand mainly consists of 5 consecutive steps:

About the Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand

The thought of certifying employers for purposes of supporting equal treatment of people of minority ethnic origin and increasing their employment rate originated in IQ Roma service Civic Association (IQRS) in 2006.
The project Ethnic Friendly Empl
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