The Example of Good Practise

Beneficial Effects of an Investigation
ZETOR TRACTORS a.s. with more than 1000 employees is one of the most important employers of the South Moravia region. Considering the size of the company, it is natural that the individual processes including the equal treatment are dealt with by the internal guidelines. Additional formal adjustment of the guidelines, their accessibility to the employees and their successful application are some of the conditions necessary to earn
the EFE certificate.
The lasting necessity to employ new people made the employer formalize the hiring process which eliminates the risk of discrimination from the part of the human resources personnel. The ban of discrimination is mentioned explicitly in the basic regulations of the company.
However, the survey showed that the regulations are not easily accessible to all employees and that their knowledge is very limited. Following the recommendations of the survey team, the employer put the excerpts of regulations on the information panels inside the factory. The proceeding for tackling discrimination was made public as well. To make the communication between the employees and the person responsible for equal treatment smooth, several suggestion boxes were placed in the factory where the employees who wish to remain anonymous can put their complaints or suggestions for investigation.
When these additional measures were applied, another survey was carried out and it was found that the measures were functional and helped to ensure equal treatment. The employer was awarded the Ethnic Friendly Employer certificate.
The open approach of the employer and the previous contact with the company give a big advantage to the social workers of the certifying organization IQ Roma service who supply their clients with job offers.

The Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand holders comments
"We cannot afford to discriminate. We employ the Slovaks, the Ukrainians, the Roma and now we are about to hire a number of Vietnamese. There are not enough people and we cannot and do not want to reject anyone because of their nationality or skin color.
The EFE award can help us in communication with potential employees. We demonstrate that we are not going to reject anybody based on their race or skin color."

Mgr. Richard Kruksa, Zetor Tractors, a. s.

Ing. Pavla Breckova"AUDACIO is a successful company which operates in the field of precise mechanical engineering. Thanks to its orientation on foreign markets where multiracialism is common, since the beginning it was natural to apply the principles of equal treatment and non-discrimination with their employees."

Ing. Pavla Breckova, AUDACIO s.r.o.

PhDr. Jaroslav Sedlák"The World is connecting and the population is growing older, there is a decrease in the employable market and the term homogeneous as such doesn´t exist anymore. Diversity and inclusion aren't only an advantage in competition but they are becoming a necessity. A company cannot be successful unless it begins to take these facts seriously on every business level. In my opinion the concept of becoming an Ethnic Friendly Employer is a very good starting point."

PhDr. Jaroslav Sedlák, GUMOTEX, a. s.