Rules for Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand Awarding and Use

Conditions on which the Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand is granted
  • The candidate can be an individual or a corporation that employes other persons according to the Labour Code. A branch of the employer can be the candidate as well (e.g. an autonomous production plant).
  • The employer employs such amount of employees from visible ethnic minorities  that responds to the demografic ratio within majority society.[1][2]

Addendum no.1: This condition doesn´t have to be fulfilled under exceptional conditions. Objective reasons of the applicant can be taken into consideration. These reasons must justify why the given condition isn´t met. The condition doesn´t have to be met e.g. in case when employer doesn´t employ members of visible ethnic minorities but their recruitment would be welcome and the brand could help them in the recruitment. Also any next employer´s activity leading to the social responsibility and employment of members of visible ethnic minorities can be taken into consideration.

  • The employer has to follow legal rules for equal treatment and no-discrimination rules, including European Community regulations.
  • The employer acts in accordance with the equal treatment principle. The conditions are equal for all job applicants, the approach to selecting the applicants, their education and development, their remuneration and promotion, or other relations to the employees, is non-discriminatory.[3]
  • The internal rules or measures of the employer ensure non-discriminatory environment and relations towards the employees and among them, and towards other people (e.g. job applicants, suppliers).
  • The employer solves any complaints regarding discriminatory behaviour in the appropriate manners, thoroughly and early (e.g. by delegating one emploeyee), and informes about the possibility to complain.
  • On the outside, the employer acts in such a way, so that this behaviour does not support discrimination or prejudices againts people for their ethnic origin.
  • Applicant is obliged to send information on newly opened working position, if certifying subject demands it.

Procedure leading to granting the brand

  • The employer applies in writing for being granted the brand to the  representatives of certifying subjects. The application can be handed in person, sent by e-mail or post.[4]
  • Along with the application, the employer provides information about the firm (or himself/herself) and measures for non-discriminatory environment and equal treatment principle.
  • If the information provided is incomplete, incorrect, or apparently untrue, the employer is notified and asked to complete or correct the information. In case that the information in untrue or the application is not corrected within 15 days, the application is not accepted.
  • The employer communicates with the representatives of certifying subjects verifying the equal treatment principle and non-discriminatory environment and relations, is obliged to co-oprerate and allows to check all the conditions to grant the brand (e.g. letting them enter the workplace, communicate with employees). The date and time of the survey are arrange based on the agreement of the employer and representatives of certifying subjects.
  • The employer agrees to provide the representatives of certifying subject with information and references on equal treatment principle and conditions to be granted the brand.
  • The employer co-operates with representatives of certifying subject on completing or accepting additional measures and procedures to ensure equal treatment principle and non-discriminatory environment working.
  • If all the conditions are not satisfied and the employer has not accepted an obligation for improvement by deadline agreed, the application is rejected and the employer receives the reasons in writing. The employer can apply again, earliest six months after the previous rejection.
  • If the employer meets all the requirements, the brand is awarded.

Awarding the brand

  • The brand is awarded by authorized certifying subjects.
  • Brand awarding means granting the right too use the Ethnic Friendly logo and the Ethnic Friendly Employer certificate.
  • The employer is entitled to use the brand and the logo starting from the date of the successful survey.
  • Awarding the certificate takes place at a ceremonial occassion organized by certifying subjects, press conference or personal meeting of the employer and certifying subjects representatives.
  • The public is informed through the media about the brand being awarded.
  • The brand is awarded for indefinite period. Nevertheless, the possibility to keep and use the brand is subject to adherence to the equal treatment principle, or more precisely to the Conditions of Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand Use.
  • The Ethnic Friendly Employer certificate contains identification of the employer, Ethnic Friendly logo image, signature of certifying subjects directors (or persons taking care of awarding the brand) and the date of awarding the brand.
  • There is no legal claim to be awarded by this brand.

Conditions of Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand Use

  • The Ethnic Friendly Employer brand holder can use this brand and logo in presentation materials, on web pages, in communication with the public, authorities etc. and other suitable use.
  • Ethnic Friendly Employer brand can be used with its Czech equivalent ”Employer with equal approach to all ethnic groups“.
  • The employer must use the brand in a way that does not harm or disregard this brand or Ethnic Friendly Employer project.
  • The Ethnic Friendly Employer logo can be used in any appropriate size. The logo cannot be use oblate, elongated etc. 
  • It is not necessary to picture the logo in a white box. It can be pictured on any coloured background instead of the original white colour. The black part of the logo must be kept as it is.
  • The employer agrees with publishing the information regarding the brand awarding  (especially name of the organization, headquaters, activity, measures to ensure non-discriminatory environment and relationships, level of the measures, period of holding the brand).
  • The employer si obliged to comply with the conditions of the Rules for Ethnic Friendly Employer Brand Awarding.
  • The employer has to provide information to certifying subject regarding behaviour contradictory to the equal treatment principle, complaints about such behaviour and their solution, effectivity of measures taken, and on brand use within 30 days if required.
  • After the brand is awarded the applicant is obliged to demonstrate publicly that they are Ethnic Friendly Employer at least on the staffing level and on their web pages.

Supervision over adherence to the Rules

  • Adherence to the Rules for Ethnic Friendly Employer Awarding and Use and equal treatment principle is checked by the representatives of certifying subject.
  • Once a year the representatives of certifying subject check adherence to the Rules for Ethnic Friendly Employer Awarding and Use. The exact date of this survey is agreed between the employer and certifying subject workers, this survey must take place within three months after one year since awarding the brand, or a last survey, has passed.
  • The employer must communicate effectively with certifying subject representatives executing the survey, has to co-operate and allow them to check all the conditions for the brand use.
  • In case that the Rules are not adhered to, the employer will be asked to express his opinion within 15 days since receiving the call. If the findings show that the rebuke was justified and there is no immediate resolution, or the violation of the Rules is serious, the right to use the brand will be withdrawn.

Addendum no.2: There is an exception in the condition on employment of members of ethnical minorities. At the moment of one annual check employer doesn´t have to employ members of ethnic minorities. The brand will be taken away in case that the employer  doesn´t employ members of ethnic minorities at the moment of two consequent annual checks.

  • If the brand is withdrawn from the employer, the employer must stop using the brand immediately and remove this brand from the presentation materials etc. within three months since the decision on withdrawing the brand.
  • The employer, from whom the brand has been withdrawn, must return the Ethnic Friendly Employer certificate to certifying subject within one month.
  • Employer, from whom the brand has been withdrawn, can reapply for the brand after one year since the previous decision on withdrawal.

[1] „Ethnically different population“ is considered to be visible ethnic minority. Visible ethnic minorities mean other than majority groups of population of the state. Their members usually look different than members of majority population and therefore they can be exposed to unequal treating. In the Czech Republic e.g. Romas, Vietnamese, people of African origin etc. belong to the visible ethnic minorities. On the contrary for example Poles, Slovaks, Ukrainians don´t belong to the visible ethnic minorities.

[2] Chart showing approximate relation of the ethnic minorities to the total number of employees.

size of the company

number of employees in total

number of employees from ethnic minorities


1 - 49

at least 1 employee


50 - 249

2 and more


250 and more

5 and more

[3] It is not in contradiction with the non-discriminatory approach to have essential and determining requirements for the position and its performance, if the goal of this treatment is legitimate. In contradiction with the non-discriminatory approach is not such behaviour or measures that lead to balancing disadvantages connected with race, ethnic origin or social status. Such behaviour or measures must not lead to preferring the applicant whose qualities for the position are not better than those of other applicants.

[4] Information and contacts of the certifying subjects are available on